Our testing labs and other facilities are certified and secure.

The Pro V&V business office and test labs are located at 6705 Odyssey Drive NW, Huntsville, AL. Office and laboratory layouts allow ample space for test equipment, software, and hardware used in the testing process by Pro V&V to be under configuration control. [NIST 150-22 § 6.4.2]. The layout is also conducive to protecting the integrity of test items for both the laboratory and the customer by providing sufficient space for the receipt, protection, storage, and retention, of test items. Should the need arise for additional laboratory facilities, Pro V&V has the option of expanding into additional space in the same complex. When items are required to be stored or conditioned under specified environmental conditions, Pro V&V has the capability of controlling the environmental conditions for each laboratory on an independent basis. Pro V&V is equipped with sufficient office equipment to allow the employees to satisfactorily perform all aspects of testing. Should the need arise for third-party testing, Pro V&V has the capability of partnering with various laboratories located across the United States.


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