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Voting System Testing

Pro V&V holds accreditations from National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program (Lab Code 200978) and the Election Assistance Commission (EAC) as a Voting Systems Test Laboratory. As such, Pro V&V tests voting systems to federal standards. Pro V&V also performs evaluations and testing services for state agencies to examine voting systems for certification to state requirements.


Technical Data Package Review

Pro V&V reviews submitted documents against documentation requirements of outside agencies, published standards, or customers specifications.


Physical Configuration Audit

Pro V&V examines the documentation of the system against the actual submitted system using MIL-STD-1521 as a guideline. Pro V&V also reviews source code against the submitted documentation to verify the software conforms to the customer’s specification. This examination provides a full baseline of all software and hardware submitted.


System Integration Testing

Pro V&V executes tests on all components of a system configured as the system would be deployed. This tests the system can function as a complete system performing all functions from end-to-end.


Functional Configuration Audit

Pro V&V examines submitted test data and conducts additional testing to verify a submitted system hardware and software perform all functions described in the submitted documentation. Pro V&V uses MIL-STD-1521 as a guideline for conducting this audit.


Security Testing

Pro V&V performs vulnerability assessments and penetration analysis to assess system vulnerabilities. This tests the physical, logical, and administrative security of a system against the appropriate standards, documentation and best practices.   Such testing helps review area that are critical areas and ensure the necessary availability, integrity and confidentiality of systems.


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